Project 365 – the second week

Here’s the spread from this week…Monday is washing Bubs clothes, Tuesday is a print from a new title submission (quite unusual for me to like this sort of print, as I’m more an Impressionist fan, but it reminded me of a very intricate tattoo I once saw) and Wednesday is my catch-up with Barb, my midwife. Spookily I noticed that I drew, completely at random, the same set of journalling tags. Thursday was doing my “homework” or as it is better known, prepping for the interview; Friday was going thru the clothes Aunty Sharon brought; Saturday is about my league team, and being so happy handing out jackets; Sunday was about my altered tin project.
Enjoying this album – it’s not really like it’s work. Which is something I can relate to!

One thought on “Project 365 – the second week

  1. Wow, I love your 365 album and your altered tin. They look fantastic.

    I have dabbled with scrapbooking, but sometimes it can take me sooo long to make a page. I'm a bit boring too, because I seem to like to make everything straight and plain. lol

    Have a great week.

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