WIP Wednesday #200 #passthestash #sprinklestitchykindness CLOSED

Okay then! Let’s get into this.

So the number is very, very arbitrary & we won’t get into my dodgy calculations to work out how many WIP Wednesday posts I’ve done since moving to WordPress. There are a few, so let’s leave it at that & get to the exciting stuff.

20170823_054202.jpgAfter 10 days or so not stitching, I am back working on Nantucket Rose, altho only 2-3 thread lengths per session. Anything more still hurts! I am about a quarter towards my goal of completing the top canopy. I don’t know if I will continue on her past the end of August or swap to my planned Mira month or Return to Hogwarts which are the Stitch Maynia SALs. If I have the fabric I might just start the Clouds Factory Hogwarts House banner pattern.

So. The Good Stuff. I want to #passthestash and #sprinklestitchykindness on you all in chart form. SO, in the comments, please indicate which piece(s) you would like to go in the draw to win. I will post worldwide, but you will only be eligible to win ONE chart. I will be drawing the charts in the order below, so as an example, if you win #1, and have asked to enter #4, you’ll be automatically ruled out of the later draw. You must also be over the age of 18, and entries prior to midnight NZ time on 09/09 will be considered. Winners announced in the WIP Wednesday scheduled for 13/09. Google random generator will be used to pick the winners 🙂

I’ve chosen my favourite designers or themes here. Hopefully there is something to entice everyone!

  1. Ross Designs White Tiger
  2. Teresa Wentzler’s Summer Carousel Horse
  3. DMC Poppy Field (this one does include the threads)
  4. Country Cottage Needleworks Joy
  5. Nora Corbett Inkberry (kindly donated by Lynne)
  6. Little House Needleworks Gourmet Garden

20170822_052919.jpgRight. Have fun, share this around, do whatever. TTYL!

88 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #200 #passthestash #sprinklestitchykindness CLOSED

  1. Glad you’re stitching again, even just a little! & what a fun giveaway:) I like the lovely carousel horse or inkberry. Happy stitching to you!

  2. How nice! I’d love to be entered for the white tiger and the Little House Needleworks pieces. Thank you! Love, @stitchymom

  3. I have just read your blog for the first time and loved it. I will be checking in on your blog more often now I know it is here 😊
    Please can you enter me into the draw for Nora Corbett and the Little House Needlework, Gourmet Garden. Thank you!!

  4. Your Nantucket looks lovely. Thanks for passing the stash, how generous! I’d love to be entered for the Inkberry, please.

  5. HI I just discovered your blog … thank you for the stitchy kindness. I’d love to be entered for nos. 5 & 6

  6. This is so generous! Long time lurker here and these patterns are gorgeous! Please enter me for any of them! Love them all 🙂

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  8. Hi Paula, found your Blog through Stitch Maynia! Congrats on this your 200th WIP Weds, and thank you for your stitchy kindness! I’ve loved ‘InkBerry’ since she came out, and I love anything LHN, so #5 and #6 for me, thank you!

  9. Beautiful progress on Nantucket Rose! For the drawing I’d live to be entered for 2, 4, 5, and 6 if that’s okay. Kind of you to pass along stash and give people a chance to win something nice!

  10. OK I need to find out more about the Harry Potter charts!!! What a lovely stash you are giving away. I haven’t seen the DMC chart – I’m partial to flowers. If I were to hope for one that would be it. Thank you for the lovely give away. Now… do you really have 200 WIPs?? I thought I was bad with 15 UFOs and 30 WIPs!!! Of course that doesn’t include the stash that I want to kit and move into my WIP box

  11. Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations on your 200th WIP Wed. I would select 5 & 6. Again, thank you, I love this “spread stitchy kindness” movement.

  12. I love that you say “waffling” 🙂 I think ‘pass the stash’ is great. when I finish some of my projects I’ll be doing that again… I’d like to be entered to win Nora Corbett (since I’ve done only big Mirabilias), Little House or Country Cottage. Keep on stitching!

  13. I love the fabric you’re stitching Nantucket Rose on! How generous of you to pass all this stash! Could I please be entered for #2, 3, & 4?

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