Hello everyone! I am feeling on top of my little world right about now, having finished the Auckland half marathon series with a PB in the 5KM portion (which is what I am limited to), finishing at 53:40 and 219/259 finishers. Si also got a PB yesterday for the half, and Mase ran in his first race and pulled up happy with his performance, but outraged that his age group is from his 11 to (family friend’s son) James’ 19! He will need to learn how to pace himself, as he went too fast in the first two K, then walked a bit, then ran the last 2K. Here he is at the finish line:

I’ve hung my collection of medals from the 10K at Devonport & Omaha; and the three 5km events from Maretai, Coatesville and the Waterfront on the end of my desk, as a daily reminder that even tho these things can be hard, and getting out there is important.

October 2019 WIPocalypse

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well. WIPocalypse is the monthly check-in SAL hosted by Measi on her blog, and via the Facebook group – we welcome all enablers! Click on the icon to the right to learn more.

I didn’t set any real goals for October – just to keep up with the weekly prompts in #magicalstitches and try to stay sane. Achieved the first, will debate on the second!

I managed an increase in stitching with 7841 stitches overall. 1520 in Fairy Tales, 1242 in Fairy Idyll and an FO in the Marauder’s Map (985 to finish) which is now framed and ready to go in Baby Bailey’s nursery. Three of my Saturday’s were spent with Mum, as she can’t be left alone, and as she naps more and more there’s more time to kill.

SFS – despite having four FO’s I spent well more than I earned, and I’m now $76.72 in the red. If I get a couple of finishes in – or maybe 6 of the Clouds Factory people I’m doing for Aurora – I’ll finish the year in the black, even if I don’t finish the six months. I look at 2017 & 2018 and I can see the same pattern. I think as home and work pressures build, I go off and spend, altho this year I’ve been a lot cleaner than others. Or I was tighter earlier in the year, or Nora didn’t release Mira’s that I really liked earlier in the year. It’s probably a combination of all those things.

November Goals:

  • Keep up with weekly #magicalstitches homework
  • Finish some CF or Mill Hill pieces

October Question – Do you prefer to stitch on a rotation or one project at a time? Well, until this year and #magicalstitches I thought I was more a one project girl. But I quite like the rotation thing, so while I’m not going to re-join the group for 2020, I thought I would do a slower rotation (weekly rather than almost daily) and get some FO’s done. I am still toying with Stuart’s clever CYOA version of the Harry Potter books and might also start that.

October Goals Revised aka I really might be an adult!

Just to recap, the October goals were:

  • Print out the last 10 days before Christmas & journal to complete my December Daily for 2014 NOPE
  • Complete my portion on Keely’s RR (Christmas Angels) – this is the one that Z didn’t even open FINISHED & POSTED
  • Complete my portion on Lisa’s RR (Tattie Teddy) FINISHED & POSTED
  • Complete my portion on April’s RR (Mira – my pick of one that speaks to me, & I’m thinking a reverse Provence Roses will fit well) FINISHED & POSTED
  • Complete my portion on Kathryn’s RR (flower LOVE letters) FINISHED & POSTED
  • And if all that’s done, make a start to Raven Queen NOPE

I did make a new start with Roses of Provence, but I hated the uneven weave of the linen. So I’m frogging that and will sell/swap the fabric & get something else. November’s goals are:

  • Complete my portion on Lenna’s RR (which hasn’t even arrived as yet)
  • Stitch the Austen bookmark for Jenna
  • Stitch the Mysteries bookmark for KerryCan (I hope you like Sherlock, as I thought the Cloudsfactory type was cute)
  • Finish the arms of Persephone and back-stitch from the face down
  • Stitch a couple of Christmas ornaments including a “do not open” for my office door
  • Make Mase a couple of pairs of boxers for summer jammie pants
  • Send off the overseas Christmas cards – already addressed most so just have to write notes!

Christmas card circa 1886. Hmm, snow?

Christmas card circa 1886. Hmm, snow?

If you want to be on my Christmas card list, send me an email with your physical addy to paulainauckland(AT)gmail(DOT)com before mid-November & I’ll do my best.