March WIPocalypse & Smalls Check In

I feel like a bit of a fraud really. Checking in, when I’ve only touched stitching 15 actual days in March? And not actually finished anything? However – I am still in the black for Stitch From Stash!

Budget $25.00
Clouds Factory HTTYD -8.00
DMC @ Geoff’s -40.00
DMC @ Spotlight -3.38
HTTYD bookmark 5.00
HTTYD needlebook 10.00
Rollover $35.50
Total Available Budget $24.12

This month my intended focus points were:

  • Back stitch & fill in the gaps on the top row of Tapestry Cat – maybe 2/3 done?
  • Stitch pieces for the #dreamworkscraftswap2017 on Instagram – again, maybe 2/3 done.

Ugh. I have not stitched on anything from a magazine (sorry Heather) nor any of the colour SALs that I made intentions to participate in. I did get out to a stitching meet-up on one night (and had a blast, AND they invited me back J) and I think my bug just got up and left. I have gone to bootcamp & been so ill I was on antibiotics for a week and right now, lack enthusiasm big-time. To get myself back on the horse (so to speak) I’ve set goals a la Rahenna for April:

  • FFO the How To Train Your Dragon pieces for the swap & post (bookmark, needle book and small hoop).
  • Finish all the stitching on MOTDB and get to the beading potion.
  • Start Julie’s RR piece (as that has arrived to me super early).
  • Plan what I will do for the #disneycraftswap (waiting for my partner to post her mosaic still).

Stitch MAYnia SALs that I intend to participate in are

  • 15th – Diamonds. Beading the clear beads on MOTDB.
  • 22nd – Earth Day. Start the Mill Hill Seagull kit.

Question of the month: What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

All the blogs I follow can be found in the sidebar. I have to say that the majority of bloggers are migrating, which is a bit of a shame, but I’m guilty here too. Instagram is my stich p*rn; there are so many that I follow over there that I am thinking that I need to cut it back, so that my feed does show who I want to see.

Groups – well, I’m now in a physical group but on FB I’m part of Stitch MAYnia; Mira Mira on the Wall; Mirabilia Nora Corbett Conversions; Upcycle Cross Stitch NZ (admin here); Round Robin Stitchers (& a couple of private groups from that); Stitch From Stash 2017a; Countrystitch Fabrics and a couple of others.

Flosstube – Oh dear, Now we get into the rabbit hole! I stitch and watch around a couple of hours a week normally & prefer to watch/listen to flosstube rather than TV right now. In no particular order I recommend (non-exhaustive list!!)

  • Lindystitches
  • Stitching Donna
  • CoffeeStitcher (Garrett is one of the Stitch MAYnia admins)
  • The Crafty Curator
  • The Simple Stitcher
  • Ms OhSewCrafty (Stephanie is the admin for Stitch From Stash 2017a)
  • The Queen of Starts
  • Emily C (the BEST vids)
  • Aussie Stitcher
  • Ginger Gerald Stitcher
  • A Stitch Too Far (love her)
  • KiwiFlowa (fellow Westie, TW and Nora fan & has adorable cats!)
  • The Stash Queen (Katy is the other Stitch MAYnia admin & has a totally ridiculous WIP number, and is unashamed of that. I admire that even as I can’t get above 12!)

Sorry that I haven’t linked to any of these – but if you look in my follow list you can also subscribe to those channels and more – and mine too! Look for “Paula SewScrapMuse” – I possibly hold the record for shortest flosstube ever!

12 thoughts on “March WIPocalypse & Smalls Check In

  1. I’ve started thinking more lately about what comes after blogging, because it seems to be a dying platform. WordPress has hit what seems to be the second to last stage of platform death: People just here to sell things vastly outnumber the people they’re trying to sell to. Cross stitch is the last of the tags I read regularly where that doesn’t yet seem to be true, but it is starting to happen. There’s nowhere for me to go once it’s gone, really; I think my last migration was to this. I’m a word person, I take terrible photos, and I will never again put a photo or video of myself on the internet, so that eliminates most of what’s current. Twitter’s become where people go to be horrible to other people. I’d rather eat broken glass than get on Facebook. That doesn’t leave too much, does it?

    • I’m on IG for the stitching mostly. It is easier to choose my feed. I have no idea where I would go after that. Twitter is something I use mostly for Canucks and Saints updates and the traffic.

      • I used to like Twitter; I had an account I guess three or four years ago. I looked into it again when I moved up here, mostly for weather (and aurora!) alerts, and was really horrified by what I found. The trolls are going to kill it.

      • Yup. There’s little to no tolerance of anyone other than themselves. But you can set certain accounts to text each time they post so you don’t even have to go into the app.

      • I may have to go that route. Getting weather reports here can be a little flaky. The standard joke is that there’s no weather in Scotland unless the BBC can say how crazy people are to live in it; the further north, the more true that is. *laugh*

      • I figured out a way to reduce Twitter stress. *laugh* The only thing that ever tempts me out into the wider world to discover what jerks people are on there is the trends panel. So I did this 😀

  2. You are so close on Tapestry Cat! I find backstitching my TW kind of satisfying, as shows the detail with all the fractionals, etc. Thanks for the mention, I like your channel too!

    • So close yet sooooooo far! He’s gone away for a little while, but I think I’ll finish that top portion in July or August. You’re right about it being satisfying, altho that Greek border is also going to be boring.

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