Back to your regularly scheduled programme…

Important bit – none of the links below are affiliate. Deerskin is actually to a review, not the purchase.

It feels so good to be back writing, and reading, and stitching, and (dare I say it) work! I spent a good portion of the last fortnight ill, five work days away from my desk, and it’s only yesterday that the sleep-deprived me felt kind-of-normal.

SO about the above..

  • I started & finished Deerskin, by Robin McKinley. I’d not read any of her novels but I got hooked in by the cover. And the price (it was free that day). Now I’m adding Sunshine to the Kindle, as @aragonsgirl72 recommended her on my IG post.
  • For those of you that liked my version of Not All Those Who Wander, Emma Congdon has now uploaded this to her etsy site.
  • I brought myself the Palace Cinema from Lego. Loving it. Construction kept my mind tired and from being overwhelmed with solo parenting & worry. I finished it and brought the Bank set. I might have started a new obsession…
  • Mase “helped” with the construction. Cars are still a little boy favourite. Look how long his fingers are now! I miss the true little boy chubbiness.
  • And last night was my first night at a stitch group in far too long. I laughed and really enjoyed myself. It was in Grey Lynn, an older established and PRETTY suburb of Auckland. Love the way the trees grew to form a canopy.

And stitch-wise, I am well into March’s Stitch MAYnia designer SAL, which was Teresa Wentzler. My goal was to back stitch and fill in a lot of the gaps in the top floral border of Tapestry Cat. I’m really happy with the progress.

And as for the other, that’s for an Instagram swap. My partner loves How to Train Your Dragon, so as one of the pieces I am making her a needlebook with the two main characters front and back. Cloudsfactory make such easy, cute designs for this sort of thing.

What have you been up to?


6 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled programme…

  1. Robin McKinley is one of my favourite author. Has been since I was about 12 years old. I’ve read and enjoyed most of her books in childhood and as an adult, but don’t plan to read Deerskin because of the subject matter. Hero and the Crown is still my favourite.

    I only recentl discovered Cloudsfactory and am deciding on which pattern to purchase. As a new US resident, I was thinking of the US presidents one.

    • I’ll try Hero! Thanks for the recommendation. Deerskin was heavy but the incident lead to the character growth and the overall theme of love. I may never re-read it tho!
      Is it sad that I could probably name more US presidents than NZ prime ministers?

      • Same here as a Canadian. LOL We watched a lot more Amercian TV growing up. Since I’m now married to an American I thought the pattern might help me remember more.

        I don’t doubt Deerskin is well done. I just generally stick to more YA books now. I read more adult fantasy and horror books when I was younger, but my brain is full enough with that kind of violence now. I often dream about whatever I read.

        I can’t find the Not All Those Who Wander pattern on Etsy. Is Emma still putting it up?

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