WIP Wednesday

The problem with a short week is that Wednesday is supposed to be “hump” day. You know, by lunchtime you can start to anticipate the weekend? Yeah, nah. In a short week I don’t get that until I’m heading home in the evenings. Perhaps it’s not getting enough sleep, trying to cram in heaps of things, or that general “I didn’t get my list done” crap. Not sure, really – how are you feeling?

This month it’s been all about the mid to larger pieces. I realised last week that I hadn’t done a Small this month but on Saturday I realised I didn’t really mind. I got several done in Feb and still none are FFO’s. That’s what I should mind.

Instead I’ve spent time on 3 larger pieces – Afternoon in London, Mermaids of the Deep Blue (I could stitch on the smaller stand while at G’s orchard in between customers) and at home, Persephone ruled the roost. Working out the colour conversion and seeing it all fly together has been really motivating. As of 9.30pm last night, all the stitching & back-stitching on page 1 is completed, and I only have to bead! I have the chart here at work today to make a working copy of the next page. Working copies are essential when doing conversions or stitching while parenting, IMO.


I’ve also brought Stargazer to work. I’ve decided that her hands need to be re-done, and I’m pulling out the Kreinik I used instead of one level of beads and popping in Mill Hill 00557. I’m glad now that I didn’t frame her as I would hate walking past what I now see as errors every day. My internal debate is frogging all her skin (there’s not a lot, honestly) and doing it over one.


Have you ever done anything like that? Sat on something that borders the line of being OK/a mistake, then deciding you need a do-over? How did you decide what to do next?

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. You are so brave to tackle over one skin. And to rip out what you have done to do it, that takes a lot. My Siren and the Shipwreck is one that bugs me when I walk by her. Not in my stitching, but there is a small purple dot on the turquoise fabric that got there when the dyer dyed the bottom half in purple. I thought her hair would cover it, but it didn’t. Didn’t dare try to wash it out as it is a painted fabric. So now there is a purple dot floating out there by her head. I tried extending the beads from her hair to the dot, but that didn’t look right, so I decided to just suck it up and leave it. All of your stitchings are looking fabulous, by the way. So pretty.

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