April Fools

Wow. April Fools already (thanks for the birthday cake, Google. Lame.) It’s not even 7 and I’ve let myself get wound up about a few things already. I should stop reading Stuff (news site) feeds so early.Or I’m the fool.

Firstly it was the university study saying that people liking or using “pseudo-intellectual quotes” were more likely to be less intelligent – verbally, numerically, and fluidly – than those who don’t. It also found those people are more likely to have strong religious backgrounds, and to believe in conspiracy theories and the paranormal.

chewie Huh. I happen to think that no matter your IQ (and mine is pretty damn high, thankyouverymuch) you can find some quote/image/inspiration to match your current mood or jolt you into a new one. Hope you enjoy the one I picked for today!


Then there was the woman trying to compare her second divorce to that of Billie Piper. Again, huh. Unless she was in that marriage, nofreakingway is it the same. I came out of that one thinking that all the author wanted really is sympathy, some to pat her on the head and say it’s OK, you’re not a failure, everything will work out. And that’s true, as long as you take one of the aforementioned inspirational quote journeys and use your mistakes to move forward.

Lastly tho I did smile at the Young Noah/Audio Adrenaline song. It’s lovely. Yay for LifeFM when I’m driving to work in the dark!

Long Way to Go exemplifies three moments in the lives of three individuals. First the life of a young person struggling to find purpose and meaning in their existence. Secondly someone who has overcome the pressures of life and found peace and joy in God. Thirdly God himself who is reaching out to both people calling them to continue down the long road to redemption, forgiveness, and most importantly His presence. The way may be long but the reward is freedom from the stress and grief of their past and to walk into incredible visions and dreams of a meaningful future.
– Young Noah

If you want to listen to the song there’s a link here: http://genius.com/Young-noah-long-way-to-go-lyrics

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