Fabric Dye Fails issue one

So I thought I’d dye myself a piece that would be (depending on the tonal depth) be for either Mirabilia’s Raven Queen or Rose of Sharon.

I picked up some plain white 32ct linen from Spotlight – they had it marked at $13.99 pm rather than per 10cm! – cut off a section and paired it with Dylon Elephant Gray. Which is clearly not that gray.


Almost a complete fail. I was going for a 415 tone, not part way thru 341 & 3747! But at least it’s even, no blotchy bits!
I think I’ll list it in the up cycle group and try again.

10 thoughts on “Fabric Dye Fails issue one

  1. It is frutstrating when this happens. Firstly – why not try an overdye before you pass it on – secondly, this may answer your problem….

    Linen is very difficutl to dye. It doesn’t react in the same way as cotton. The fibres are difficult to break down to accept the dye, so there is a little trick. I know it sounds odd – but try putting the linen in the freezer for 24 hours before starting the dyeing process. Put the dye onto the still frozen fabric – keep it moving and it will soon defrost. If you can freeze it flat it’s a good idea – but fold it as little as possible otherwise. Email me if this doesn’t make sense – I’ll try to explain it l little better 😉

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