“Do Not Judge.” What Jesus Really Meant

Key learning for me: What this verse really prohibits is self-righteousness where we see ourselves as sinless and others as sinful and therefore set ourselves as arbiters of justice and condemnation.

I’m really posting this because as a Christian I don’t feel my views are valued. I’m totally over this Bruce/Caitlyn thing, feeling very sorry for anyone who is not comfortable in their own skin (there is a difference between being comfortable as yourself but still growing and someone who is too comfortable too) BUT I want to be heard. I want my view to be respected, regardless of the readers’ religion/atheism/viewpoint.

Respect for each other is IMHO a key fundamental Christian theme. So is the message in this image.

love others'

The Motherhood Marathon

One thing I learned from my post about Bruce Jenner going viral is that Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged,” is the favorite Bible verse of many. I also think it might be one of the most grossly misunderstood and abused verses. This led me to do a little research on it and hear what some respected Bible scholars have to say. I found this article by Sam Storms to extremely helpful and clarifying so I thought I would share.


As he says, the misunderstanding mostly stems from relativistic thought that has pervaded the American psyche. “To their way of thinking, this verse demands that we never exercise ethical discernment in our evaluation of others, indeed that we never evaluate others at all. We are told we must always manifest complete and uncritical tolerance toward every conceivable lifestyle or belief.” -Sam Storms But this…

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