You Can Quote Me

Continuing with the One Little Word theme, here’s another thing that helps me hold onto that Serene feeling.

YCQM 4 Feb

So many times I’m guilty of looking over the fence or concentrating on something that is annoying me. I don’t look for the good, yet as soon as I do, the annoying thing slides away into a smaller, manageable portion (yes, even the Screaming SO-Much-Taller-Than-Me-Now Teen). Keeping a gratitude journal helps, so I can totally recommend that to anyone. Look for something that makes you smile – little things like butterflies on flowers, rain for your garden, a pen that is where you left it – these all count. Big  stuff? Of course it counts, but the reason it’s big is because it’s not frequent enough to feed your soul.

Focus on the little stuff. The little good.

BONUS task – we did this for a couple of summers and it spreads the message. I brought a cheap canvas & some Thickers, altho if your penmanship is good use that. I stuck on “Grateful” and “Summer year/year” and EVERYONE who walked through our front door had to write something they were grateful for. Everyone. Kids, adults, couriers, tradesmen. It’s so cool to look back at the things the kids were grateful for (altho I couldn’t agree with some of the music choices!) but everyone got into it. I need to resurrect that. Maybe in my office? Hmmm…

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