Prompts Part V

All going to plan, I am currently buried in my own bed, having landed around midnight. But that’s my plan – in actuality I am probably stumbling around in a coffee fog trying to get three kids ready for school with only a few hours sleep. Wish me luck!


GUM we’ve been advised to allow B to chew gum during school – studies showed the physical activity of chewing helps concussion victims to focus. Must be working as his grades are awesome. Better than what they were before!

WIND not a fan unless I’m sailing. A reason why I would never live in Wellington.

PLUG or advertise. We spend a lot of time in advertising or marketing meetings. The odd weather patterns this year aren’t helping retail.

HAM looking forward already to Christmas dinner. I have had the cob in the freezer for months already.

KID I have a few of these!

HATCH plans. Craft plans, house plans, gardening plans – everything except where I would hide a body. Watching Bones has turned me off that big time.

FORM these are gone! I still have to translate “year” to “standard” or “form” for the oldies, much like a baby’s weight from pounds and ounces.

And that’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed playing along.

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