Prompts Part IV

Today’s plan is Gosford and anything historic that we missed by going the other road, and then back to Sydney to fly home. Blah to Auckland weather, yay to seeing the kids again.


MAROON State of Origin! Not that I am an Aussie by any stretch of the imagination but we are Queenslanders for three nights a year.

VOLUME my hair has none whatsoever. My children don’t decrease theirs either.

EXPRESS I used to snigger at the Ritchies idea of an express bus from town – save a whole ten minutes if I was lucky!

REFUSE no-one in my house likes dealing with the rubbish. And something I find hard to do when I’m asked to add another chore/task on my already busy day.

NOTE I write a lot of Notes To Self. How else am I supposed to remember everything?

FLAG totally over John Key’s desire to change our flag. So what if it looks like the Aussie one? More accurately, theirs looks like ours as we have the older! It reflects our colonial heritage with the Union Jack of Great Britain and the Southern Cross stars that the early Maoris followed, sailing down from Hawaiaki. Plus my grandfathers fought under this flag. I won’t be voting to change it, but pessimistically I think it’s a personal agenda item for the PM.

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