Prompts Part III

Today we’re heading up to Port Macquarie & thru a bit of the Hunter Valley. Hopefully dinner out on the waterfront.


HAIL saying hello far too loudly?

JAM I made jam once! Need to go berry picking so I have the ingredients but I make a mean marmalade.

CURRY I can’t stand the smell as I’m always ill when I eat Indian curries. My tongue swells up and B is the same, which is awkward given one of his besties is part Indian. Quite like green curry tho.

GRAIN the lines in a piece of timber. Quite beautiful.

SEASON I love summer the best. Plenty of daylight when I get home from work. Flowers, bees, butterflies, walks, beach, PLAY.

DOUGH show me the money! Or what I can’t make well in winter now, as we don’t have a hot water cylinder.

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