Prompts Part II

On the plan today is to head to Newcastle & catch up with some people Si used to work with. We’re again travelling the long way around by the coastal roads. Looking forward to some great scenery.


DRILL Best tool ever. We have a couple of Makita battery powered ones so one has the drill bit and the other has a driver bit. Saves so much time when working on building projects.

BANK we had to create a softly graduated bank when we built a retaining wall. So much easier to mow than the previous bumpy stretch!

STICK driftwood? We don’t have a fire so I don’t encourage the kids to bring anything home from rambles but there is a small place in the garden, by the front door, that has one of M’s driftwood finds along with a volcanic rock B brought home from a geography trip to Mt St Johns. He got an Excellence on that project.

ANGLE preferably 90 degrees, especially when concreting in fence posts J

WOUND something M has to have covered, even if it’s a papercut! Frequently frustrating, but like his dad, he doesn’t do well seeing any blood. Most especially his own.

ENTERANCE I love our front door. It’s dark and solid. We need to re-set the pavers in tho – they were a temporary fix to the original owners putting down wall tile. The slightest bit of wet and it becomes a skating rink.

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