I’m loving this trip so far! Altho woke up at 2:30 am local time today 😦 so will be a mess later on!


The older Lighthouse at Woolongong

That’s the hotel in mid back ground.  We got lots of walking in; yesterday I hit goal around 2pm.

Plenty more to upload but I’ll do that from home on WiFi.

Today’s plan in to drive back to Sydney via the coast road; find a couple of holden wreckers and source new vents for the ute; and I have two stich spots loaded into my gps.

Where would we be without gps?!

2 thoughts on “Exploring

    • I switched to my phone at one point two days ago! I had forgotten to update the other unit and it was having a hissy fit bc we wouldn’t turn. There was no turn, no roundabout! Is become a joke that we yell at it when it pops up the speed; is more often wrong than right! Over here the speed changes constantly from 40 to 110 on the same stretch. Can be troublesome

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