Prompts Part I

As you read this I am scheduled to be taking off to Sydney for shopping, then a drive down the coastal road to Wollongong & Kiama – very excited to have a few days to ourselves and to explore.

Now – the idea here is that each word has more than one meaning, so you’re to immediately scribble about the meaning that you first consider, no censor!


DATE infrequent activity! Si prefers movie dates, I prefer dinner + a walk. All too often he’s already seen the movie I want to see. Also involves a favour juggle to get L to babysit.

AIR need it to breathe! Or it’s an attitude that I have to put on, a confidence layer during interviews or assessments.

SHED ugly corrugated building that holds garden tools. I’m hoping to reinforce ours internally so I can grow Aleberic de Barbier over it, but will have to be a bit sneaky as this is a rose Si truly hates, as it’s thorny. But it has beautiful flowers for 6-8 months of the year so worth it.

FLAKE the personality type that I don’t have any time for. Or a crumbly chocolate bar, particularly good with pavlova, cream and strawberries.

INTEREST some things I can flirt with and others I have a keen interest and focus on. Also what I enjoy seeing in my Kiwisaver (retirement) account.

MIGHT in the context of the book I recently finished about Alfred the Great – it’s a strength of both opinion and power and the size of the army.

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