L at Twenty


(mine’s the one on the right)

Well I warned you it would be a few days before you read about her birth…

And actually, you’re not going to get a birth story. Ewuu. Suffice to say she arrived FINALLY but safely. All was well. Freaking odd, but well. I guess most first-time mums feel the same!

So at twenty…she is utterly beautiful (when not wearing those awful purple shorts). She has a distinctive & mostly appropriate dress sense (when not wearing the aforementioned purple shorts). She is working full time, has already gained a significant role promotion, and has a range of loyal, true friends. She has a creative streak and with one friend, has started up a part-time bakery business. It will be a while before this will translate into true profit and a full-time role for either, but they have very high standards which is fantastic. She is a big sister to three and has a solid relationship with all three, unique to each relationship. Our relationship has evolved too and I love spending time with her. She is so very different from me – especially her height! – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love you, sweetheart.

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