WIP Wednesday

So after putting down my fairy (and forgetting to initial it, FAIL, so pulling it out again), I had to have a severe talking to myself. My WIP pile was growing and while not as large as some in any of the FB groups I belong to, it takes up nearly a whole drawer in my craft organiser. Right now (in age order)

  • Si’s country scene (a Stoney Creek design that bores me now & he’s forgotten about)
  • Teresa Wentzler Tapestry Cat
  • Z’s birth sampler which needs a whole section re-charted or frogged out
  • Teresa Wentzler Noah’s Ark – the frame broke so it’s just sitting on the bars
  • Nora Corbett Arezzo – who had the great idea of doing this all over one?! What a muppet. I’m waiting till true Summer so I can do this in daylight
  • Mirabilia Stargazer – which I started this year
  • Nora Corbett Mediterranean Mermaid – again, started this year & is my hospital visit piece

I didn’t consider either of the TWs (I would have to re-kit out the Ark and I’m up to the over one anyway) so I dangled a metaphorical carrot over my head. Do a decent week on a WIP and you can start something new. So I got out my Maria, which is on (un)evenweaved linen. 32 count too. Ugh. She looks good but it’s very, very slow compared to anything on Lugana. But having to slow down might help my wrist heal.

stargazer dec 3

The orange is what I’ve done since Saturday night…getting along. The gaps are where I need to bead – lots and lots of beads. She’s coming to Sydney too – eight or nine hours at airports or on a plane means a decent chunk will get done. The biscornu disaster is postponed again!

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