I Survived NaBloPoMo!


When I started planning this in late October, I actually didn’t think that I would carry thru. I don’t have the greatest track record & I find it easy, too easy, to drop things if it’s just for me. Home and work pressures mean I usually crawl up & drop off whatever only affects me (craft, writing, baking, walking) but stubbornly hold onto reading (cue the “you’ve left the light on” “but you’re watching the bloody tv!” bedtime arguments).

But this has been mostly fun and not a chore. Mostly. I put this down to planning ahead, allowing some repetition themes (WIP Wednesday & You Can Quote Me on Thursdays) and not pressuring myself to be flashy & original & trend-setting. What you get is what you get; this wasn’t designed to gain more followers (but hello & thank you – especially to those who comment!) but to try & establish a habit. To be satisfied that I could stick to a plan. Another bonus is that I have been more disciplined about other crafting – I finished three projects during November with the two birds and the fairy letter (which goes to the framers on Wednesday! No photos of the finished item until after the recipient recieves it, sorry) & told myself that I need to finish an older WIP before I start something else

Woohoo – job & knock, as the engineer in the household would say. So what’s next? December Daily, a trip to Sydney & surrounds, Christmas shopping, Christmas food prep, work (only five weeks till Rachel returns & I can hand off a full third of my load!!! I am excited about this, despite it being quite lame to others), stitching  & spending time with my family. Upcoming posts – I plan to use Myfanwy’s October prompts for upcoming posts & the 30 Day Book Challenge (which will not happen on 30 consecutive days). More craft, more travel, more gardens. See you soon!

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