Travelling Bunny… (A Giveaway)

I just responded to an email – exciting as Bunny will be coming to Auckland! I have plans for Bunny in felt as well as stitch. Look for photos soon!

Pretty Little Things In A Box

Hello My Dear Friends and Readers..

Happy November.. and hope your Halloween Weekend went well for you.
Did you collect much treats this year?

I had a bag of chocolates from a dear friend of mine but, I’ve saved it for hubby instead..
He is much of a Choco-holic then me  😀

Sometime ago, I had the honor to win the Travelling Bunny from Chris over at
UK City Crafter.
The adorable bunny has landed safely in Singapore and I had such a lovely time stitching it.


So the story goes back (if you followed all the links on the blogs) that a kind blogger started the Travelling Bunny on its journey by sending the pattern together with a few goodies to another Blogger who made the Bunny and then passed the pattern on to another Blogger with some more goodies, that Blogger made the bunny and …- you…

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