Cupid Stunts – NaBloMoPo eleven

Wow. Day eleven of continuous posting. Just quietly, this scheduling stuff is working for me. Yay for planning!

Tonight is Pub Quiz night. It started a couple of months ago, when Si and a few of his fellow Dockyard apprentices got together at a pub to reminisce (we’ve reached that stage of life apparently!) and by accident came third in a quiz. Now we meet every second Tuesday, wives & hangers on included (do you know how weird it is to be at the pub watching one’s own child drink?!) and the best we’ve ever come? Third. That twenty buck voucher has our name all over it! And the title? That’s our team name. Try saying that ten times fast. Points if you know the movie reference 🙂

Also today I had a moment where I thought I might have to start a Give A Little page to pay for the rates. Our property value has gone up $170K in three years (cough, choke, this is freaking stupid money!!!). That’s probably fairly median for Auckland; it’s more than the MILs or SILs raise tho. I am not looking forward to paying the huge 2015/2016 bill and the accompanying loss of council services – as I am not naive enough to believe that increased rates mean increased services. So far we are a “super city” with increased councellor and mayoral salaries and an increase in overall staff members compared to when Auckland was five or six different regions. Come back, Bob Harvey (or even Tim Shadbolt) – anything would be better than this!

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