lifeFM – Bigger Better Stronger – NaBloPoMo nine

I am far too much a casual Christian. I don’t attend a regular church or Bible study, and I should. I know I should. I am a better person when I read/study the Bible regularly; more patient, more giving, less selfish. I could attend the MIL’s church; the kids are welcome, I’m welcome, the pastor is lovely but I don’t feel full when I leave. So a summer goal is to shop around for something that will fill me up.


Anyway, almost daily I am filled and feel blessed listening to the message coming from lifeFM. If you are in (most parts – frequency list at the bottom of the web page) of NZ or listen online ( and want upbeat, CLEAN, current music with a good message, I totally recommend this station for everyday listening. Secular music plays (as long as it is clean, so it’s more attractive to the teen), the hosts are by turns funny and insightful, not smooth & slick (try the 7.30am news for a laugh), normal stuff is talked about and they have a sense of humour! Plus it’s clean. Did I mention clean? That’s important to me given the kids soak stuff up like a sponge.


Coming around to the point, there is a frequency auction coming up soon. Rhema Media is trying to raise a million to help pay for some extra frequencies to spread the Word. If you can give a little, it would be appreciated. Click here:

And this person? Amazing on air, amazing IRL. Holly, take a bow J She does so much – announcing, promotions, organising – BAKING – interviews – lots of stuff

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