Hours wasted?

One of the things that has annoyed S about our current home is that the ground was so uneven. It never had that perfect freshly mowed look. Someone would twist an ankle or fall over when playing backyard cricket or league or just being a typical boy. So we’ve spent a fair bit of time and money sorting this out; two retaining walls, new fences, clean fill, top soil, grass seed.

We got a notification that our street was getting high speed broadband. The other side of the street got dug up, we thought Awesome! They left our lawn alone.

Ah, no.



2 thoughts on “Hours wasted?

  1. It wasn’t a waste- after all, everyone always says to live for today, and there was all the time between getting it done and getting high-speed internet (this is the part where I’ve totally put my foot in it, and it got finished a week ago?)

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