Prompt 21..trying to flow

Prompt 21: What didn’t you do this weekend that you think you ought to have done?

Smart cookies (you?) would have noticed that I missed a few prompts. That’s one of this things I think I should have done this weekend – caught up. Instead I’m going to go against my usual flow and mix it up a little. Rock my boat. Misuse some metaphors. Have fun?

What else should I have done?

  • chosen my TW to stitch for the upcoming exchange on our FB group
  • posted the business IRD return off
  • changed 10% of the tank and brought some new plants (the barbs like to rip the grasses up)
  • mopped the tile areas
  • cleaned up my eReader

I did achieve quite a lot, given that I was up every few hours for nearly five days with Mase and his meds. Facepalm of the weekend wasn’t me (cue surprise) but the mechanic at the VTNZ. I took the Toy Car up for it’s WOF and he was going to fail it – on the basis that he didn’t know how to open the engine bay. Freaking Idiot.

Prompt 12: What is happening NOW? Look out of the window and write about 3 things you can see!

Disclaimer: I wrote the original in my journal earlier today. Right now i’d only see black if I looked out the window – I really shouldn’t be playing on the laptop but should be getting ready for tomorrow!

I won’t write about what I can see, as I’m in my office, and if I didn’t have the blinds pulled, I’d look out into the corridor then the “pool” but rather I’ll write about what I want to see.

I want to be at home, sipping a coffee or wine while looking out the kitchen window at my new retaining wall, flat lawn, lush grass and fruit trees espaliered along the fence, interspersed with roses. Looking at someone else cooking, my kids playing and not ripping up the lawn.

I’m getting good at this fantasy thing! 

I do have a new retaining wall, and a nearly flat lawn. Grass will come in the spring, I just have to finish painting the fence (and figure out what I want to plant on the berm side to soften it up). The berry I planted a few weeks ago is still going strong and hasn’t drowned in all the rain, so there’s a win.

Prompt 13: The other day we considered the most USEFUL skill we have ever learnt. Today, consider the most IMPORTANT.

Probably communication – I’d hate to be in a position where I can’t express my thoughts, wants, needs. But being able to communicate appropriately is VERY important. I learnt that lesson at a previous employer (but in a way that benefited me) and one of the emails I received today only emphasized that. Someone out there is getting a visit from HR this week…


Speaking of parenting, as a lesson, here’s something I saw on Jennie’s pintrest. Perfectly apt, expec point four! Enjoy 🙂

parenting truth

Also loving One Republic’s Love Runs Out, almost as much as Happy. Hating anything Sam Smith, i’m over that very quick. And Iggy. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Prompt 21..trying to flow

  1. haha really like the ‘parent rock star’ clip. Interesting to catch up on all your other prompts, can totally appreciate how life gets in the way sometimes, you sound run off of your feet! 🙂

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