adventure planning

Prompt 14: You are just about to go on holiday. You get into the car – but remember that you have forgotten something! For what would you really delay the start of your vacation? The answer can be serious or trivial.

It isn’t a real holiday unless I’ve forgotten something. Usually toothpaste, or pj’s or something small. I haven’t ever forgotten to set the alarm, or have someone in to feed the pets (easier now with Lou being old enough and responsible enough to be left at home alone). I guess the only true delay would be if we forgot kids or passports – and we haven’t done either yet. Yet.

There was one time I seriously wanted to “forget” something – the massively heavy multi-tiered wedding cake we had to take to Bali for a family wedding. Try juggling normal carry-on, three cake boxes, a worrying MIL and three rambunctious kids. Worst check-in EVER.

Prompt 15: If you could do something you have never done before – what would you do?

Travel to Europe or the States. Or buy a Ribbon Rose (my favourite LNS) franchise and set it up at Westgate or nearby. I have plans – but they revolve around the fantasy of winning Lotto or something like that. I’d also love to pay off the mortgage – that is first on my list.

I’d like to hit the Marlborough Sounds this coming summer – we have kayaks and I love exploring the area. Or ride the Otago rail trail – on horseback. Simon would prefer to ride – he likes his Scott road bike he brought earlier this year. What a hardship if he had to buy another that’s more suitable for the track! I imagine if we did this it would be hare & the tortoise – eventually I’d get past him 

rail trail

Prompt 16: G K Chesterton once sent a telegram to his wife saying ‘Am in Market Harborough, where should I be?’ Have you ever gone somewhere by mistake, forgotten where you should be going – or – if you have no other response – been to Market Harborough?!

Where on earth is Market Harborough? England? Maybe I’ll get there on my Europe trip 

I quite often get text messages from the team parents – I’m here, where are you – Umm, I sent a text earlier, the game/training is off/postponed/venue changed – oh ooops sorry. Or it’s B, who is very good at not being where or when he should be.

I’m sure I’ve not been somewhere as arranged (Simon accuses me of this often) but some of our best family or friend trips have been because we’ve gone driving and explored along the way. I usually book accommodation and do a little research, then we just go from point A to point B and it takes as long as it takes. Best playground? Levin (surprisingly). Best windy spot? Apart from my beloved Bethells, it would be Castlepoint, but if you are thinking of heading there, book the accommodation in advance as it’s a long windy road back to the next hostel/motel or B&B. My “research” for the Wellington-Castlepoint leg was one line I had read – the first ever ANZAC service held in NZ was at the local settlement of Tinui in 1916 – only one year after Gallipoli. There is an awesome mix of fact and story on the website – and Devonport itself is worth a trip with your camera, especially if you like 1890-1920 architecture.

Prompt 17: You have the chance to change the packaging on one product that you use often. Which one is it? Why would you change it? How would you like it changed?

I don’t buy them often, but I hate the way the Pascall lolly bags open. The crimping at the top of the bags is too much (same at the base) so everything ends up ripped and the lollies fly everywhere – yuck if they aren’t wrapped! Yet another reason for me to take my sewing kit with me, scissors are my best friend.

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