moving on…

I, well, Simon (with a good deal of coaching-cough-nagging) found the perfect tile for the kitchen splash back last week – only slightly darker than the floor, same texture, but a long rectangular shape rather than square, to elongate the kitchen. We started to put them up last night (work was called to a halt due to needing to relocate one of the power points 4 inches to the right) and they look fabulous. I’m so pleased we waited until we found the right tile.

We had a childless night last night and it’s amazing how much one can accomplish without the “assistant” underfoot. The upstairs toilet, bath and alcove are all gib-stopped too, with just a few corners needing the final touch-ups. I learnt the painful way it’s a lot easier to build up any gaps with light layers than it is to sand it back…

All this and in bed by 8pm!

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