Spring’s coming!!!!

I took a lazy walk thru the garden today – as opposed to yesterday’s mad rush with Z and the lawnmower. Did I mention how I generally hate doing the lawns? There’s a portion of the lawn which is chamomile, and smells beautiful when stepped on, and then I did accidentally cut a few lemons, which also smelt so good, but the rest is hard slog, just up and down hill and very long grass.

But I did notice the plum tree is starting to blossom. Last year it was covered and we ate so much we got sick of plums. Already Bran’s looking forward to pigging out…

From spring flowers

We’ve had to prop up my favourite tree – in autumn the leaves are the most gorgeous gold and scatter all over the lawn. But it didn’t stand up too well to the recent storms but I hope we can save it. Anybody out there know what it actually is?

From spring flowers
From spring flowers

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