dare 53

well I posted to the Flikr site and hope that it’s traceable, but here is is just in case! I’m such a nana…tag is “nzdare53”

the comment hidden is:
Giving Bran the camera, I expected a range of action shots from Zac’s game against Northcote Tigers. Mostly, that’s what I got. But this one? Stood out.

My kids are weird.

3 thoughts on “dare 53

  1. hi Paulasorry i can’t see your LO on the flickr group + its not showing up on your blog either.I won’t be picking a winner till later tonight………can’t wait to see your LO!!thx for playing!! 🙂

  2. maybe untag it??whats your flickr name so I can look at your profile?I’ll let you know if I still can’t see it after dinner (got calves to feed now) + then maybe you could email it to me.

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