OLW updated

I decided to go with Serenity. It’s close to Peace, but it’s the attitude that I want to express.

I’ve been sitting on the class notes for a couple of days, thinking on things while I work away around the house, in the garden and so on. Here’s my result – and yes, I know there is a blank. I’m not sure what to write under “invitation”. Not yet, anyway.

2015-01-04 21.23.162015-01-04 21.23.23


I also need to take a photo of me and slot it into the gap on the cover page.

I did lose my attitude today tho – grocery shopping at Countdown and what do I spy?

2015-01-04 13.22.32

Really? Jesus was only just born!

3 thoughts on “OLW updated

  1. Historically, Jesus was born in midsummer, Christmas is in December because every extant religion at the time of early Christianity was used to a big mid winter celebration, so Christmas in December is another Christian takeover of pagan tradition( as are most of the things done at Christmas), so if you think about it the hot cross buns don’t really matter?

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