A Week in the Life – Day Three notes

as you can see it was a miserable morning. Tonight the rain is more intermittant, but of course it was pouring down when we came out of the supermarket with a trolley of groceries!

A pretty bad day at work again, altho I got thru heaps. Got my leave application knocked back, excuse being that we had too much to do but Catherine herself doesn’t seem to have that restriction, working only a couple of hours yesterday and a few today. Two coffee visits and a lunch out on her behalf only made me more filthy. She offered next week but Gwen, having no leave but allowed holidays plus the fact I have new title buying all next fortnight means I can’t leave. Its times like these I feel no motivation to go to work.
I did get a call from Jodi at Frontline. Kerry is offering more money and now it’s very tempting. I need to call him to view the position description and contract. It’s something to seriously think about.
Louise is the last of the family to come down with the tummy/vomiting bug. Unfortunately she was at Drews when it started and G’ma had to fetch her. She’s staying there tonight as neither she nor I could face putting her in the car. She’s better off quiet, away from the boys and resting.

Finally, finally my cherry tree has a flower on it! I’ve been waiting to see this for weeks. Every other cherry tree has been covered, just not mine!

And spent some time writing these updates – I really needed to do that. I’m sure I’ve forgotten things already.

Oh – here’s something. It never rains but it pours. Tonight Simon got a call from another contracting company! And a very good reference from his current employer. I like that.

A Week in the Life – Day Two notes

It was a LOT harder to get up this morning. It’s always this way when daylight saving starts. So I wore bright blue to try to cheer myself up. Shame I’m not as photogenic as the kids.


Bran was finding it a lot harder today too. He crawled back into bed at Grandma’s.


And no beautiful sunrise today. Just gloom and murk. Yuk.

Here’s our new logo that greets us when we step out of the lifts. At the risk of being labelled a brown-nose, I actually quite like it. It’s very Ali to me, in that we should be looking for the wonderful in everyday things. Which is what this exercise is all about, right?

The work day was really awful. When I was sick no-one edited the mailer proof and I spent most of the day uploading changes and corrections into the version two proof. Very fustrating as 90% of the work had been avoidable had the category managers loaded the information needed into the spreadsheet when they were first asked. I’m still very filthy about it.
But a high-light was Shanee giving Becs and I her ticket to the Duchess premiere (Kiera Knightly and Ralph Fiennes as the Duchess and Duke of Devonshire). We went to Newmarket by train (photos of Britomart facade and the tunnel under the road); took a tour of Becs’ Aunt Melly’s house (I could happily live there, even tho it’s one bedroom) and drove to the Lido. Which is a really old cinema that I love. The back row is roomy seats, with every two separated by a table. Which holds one’s wine while one eats chocolate for dinner. Diet? What diet?

A Week in the Life – Day One notes

Morning – Drew – Louise’s friend stayed the night. Cute cow pj’s!
Driving into work – photo of sunrise from the causeway. Red sky in the morning, Shepherd’s warning – and true enough, tonight it’s persisting down.
Laurelle in reception (Terri was away sick) – Happy Birthday Laurelle!
Still selling Cub Cookies from the basket on my filing cabinet. On our second box!

Posted on my blog. Pretty excited about this challenge!
Lunchtime – Simon met me downstairs and we went to the Downtown foodcourt. I had a BLAT & L&P, he had a lamb kebab & coke. He handed in his notice this morning and after a conversation with his higher manager Geoff is happy knowing he hasn’t burnt any bridges.

Evening – after dinner (salad, ham steak and chips) we played the new World monopoly that Simon got for Father’s Day. Bran won. Zac was funny reading out the chance & community chest cards.
Lastly before Milo and my book, I checked the email accounts and fed my dog on Facebook. New comment up: Paula is doing Ali Edwards’ “A Week in the Life” challenge. So smile for the photographs!