A Week in the Life – Day Three notes

as you can see it was a miserable morning. Tonight the rain is more intermittant, but of course it was pouring down when we came out of the supermarket with a trolley of groceries!

A pretty bad day at work again, altho I got thru heaps. Got my leave application knocked back, excuse being that we had too much to do but Catherine herself doesn’t seem to have that restriction, working only a couple of hours yesterday and a few today. Two coffee visits and a lunch out on her behalf only made me more filthy. She offered next week but Gwen, having no leave but allowed holidays plus the fact I have new title buying all next fortnight means I can’t leave. Its times like these I feel no motivation to go to work.
I did get a call from Jodi at Frontline. Kerry is offering more money and now it’s very tempting. I need to call him to view the position description and contract. It’s something to seriously think about.
Louise is the last of the family to come down with the tummy/vomiting bug. Unfortunately she was at Drews when it started and G’ma had to fetch her. She’s staying there tonight as neither she nor I could face putting her in the car. She’s better off quiet, away from the boys and resting.

Finally, finally my cherry tree has a flower on it! I’ve been waiting to see this for weeks. Every other cherry tree has been covered, just not mine!

And spent some time writing these updates – I really needed to do that. I’m sure I’ve forgotten things already.

Oh – here’s something. It never rains but it pours. Tonight Simon got a call from another contracting company! And a very good reference from his current employer. I like that.

One thought on “A Week in the Life – Day Three notes

  1. You could let Catherine know that you are looking around. Perhaps you could get more respect and a vacation?I was just surfing and happened upon your blog I like it.

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