10 Things to Tell You #3

This is a mini-series hosted by @laura.tremaine on IG. I’ve chosen to post my responses here & I hope you’ll play along.

#3 – A THING THAT CHANGED MY WORLD VIEW WAS…I don’t know that I’ve ever held a different view on the world than I do now. I guess (mostly, there are always exceptions) that we down here in NZ are practical, welcoming, generous people who know that we are strategically unimportant on the world stage, but generally strive to leave the place better than we found it. Various events around the world make me shudder, but there is evil everywhere and that’s why it’s important to just BE KIND to one another, and to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “10 Things to Tell You #3

  1. My world view changed when I met a woman in her 50’s who was turning into a man. I had been annoyingly judgmental about this idea, but decided to get to know her. I still am uneasy around the subject, but this one person has graciously answered all my questions over time. She now dresses, looks and sounds like a man. I still think of him as her, but I have deep compassion for her.

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