WIP Wednesday 

It’s been a big, big day. I’ve had some problems with one eye and today was the retinal exam. Anaesthetic drops and dilation drops later, & I looked like a Snapchat filter. 

You’re not getting that photo. No. 

Eventually I got home (cloudy day & I looked like a wanker wearing shades on the train). I couldn’t read or do anything for about 3 hours, but eventually I could cope with the light and started to be able to focus.  Big print on the kindle, but a win. 

I also remembered a wonderful opportunity I had in 2011. Sir Roger Moore had just released his autobiography (read it, you’ll howl with laughter) & I was working for Whitcoulls. We hosted him and after Shanee & I got an autograph & a photo op. I gave him a copy of Hairy Mclary to read to his grandchildren. RIP, Mr Bond. ❤

This afternoon I’ve managed to get some stitching done. This is Emi, a Nora Corbett bewitching pixie. No conversions, as its part of Julie’s RR. Sorry, I don’t know the fabric details!

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday 

    • He did say that right eye has trouble focusing on the fine detail. I said you’re not wrong there. LOL.
      I figure as long as I can stitch with one of my eyes I’ll be fine. Glass half full and all that.

  1. Total sympathy on the “joys” of getting an eye problem diagnosed. It’s generally not painful, but it’s still a pain!

    • I’m still not right either! I know it’s difficult to get the script right when one eye is much further out than the other, but the optometrist wouldn’t send off for the new lens until I’d got the retina checked. I’ve got to chase this week which kind of annoys me too. I’ve paid for something that isn’t right & getting frustrated. It’s like looking thru a dirty lens.
      Never mind, I shall focus (boom!) on stitching and America’s Cup racing.

      • I got lucky after three years of having my prescription changed every 4 to 6 months; a new doctor recognized that as a classic symptom of KC and sent me to be tested. If not for him, I might still be fighting with it. Sometimes it just takes a a luck break.

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