Decisions, decisions…HOLP!

So I brought some haul, as Andie was preparing for a serious move. It was my civic duty, right? Yeah, let’s hold onto that thought.

But now I have a dilemma. I want to start Celtic Winter RIGHT NOW but I am at work, and no threads handy. Not ones that would suit! And I need to finish A-Team. And I brought two pieces of fabric, and I’m at a loss as to which will be best. Keep in mind that I am planning on changing the golds to silvers…


The StashCache file is already uploaded onto that tab 🙂


What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…HOLP!

  1. I can see why you’re torn between the two. The silvers would match much better with the blue cloth, but show up better against the other one. My preference is usually for matching (and I just likes blues better in general), but if you’re planning on ever hanging it with the others in the series, that has to be a consideration, too.

  2. Err, I’m going to be awkward- I think the silver of the border would show up better against the purple, but I prefer the idea of the bottom of the dress against the blue. I think overall I’m leaning slightly towards purple, but I’m probably a bit biased since purple is one of my favorite colours. Maybe toss a coin and when it’s in the air you’ll realise which one you prefer?

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