April WIPocalypse

Another full moon – now that I am in the habit of looking for the moon I’m much more aware of the way the seasons are turning and the effect it is having on the world around me. My driveway is bordered with liriope (see this post) and the lilac flower stems have finally gone. There’s little colour left in my garden except the rosy red apples – I must go pick those tonight.

Oh, and after we dropped Lou at her flat last night, we paused in our drive to look at the stars. Yesterday was ANZAC Day so it was perfect to see the Southern Cross in all its glory, and think of the sacrifice made by men and boys half a world away a century ago. Humbling. Grateful. Relieved. Patriotic. All those feels. So happy the flag did not change.

Anyhoo, WIPocalypse. This is a full-moon check-in hosted by Melissa over at her blog, Measi’s Musings (you can link to it anytime with the image on my sidebar). I haven’t had much stitching time this month, but I do have some progress on my major pieces. I still won’t have a Small for this month tho unless I pull finger, but I’d forgotten how eye-straining it can be to stitch on darker fabrics (in this case, a 28ct Elixar Navy).  Second Mermaid has some more hair, and Persephone has most of the beading done in the top half. Last night I worked on her arm – I stitch right to left and I didn’t want to risk getting oils on her white dress portions if I lean over to do that arm, so it’s nearly done. I did run out of the Nymo thread – that bobbin didn’t last long enough so I’ll have to get some more.

This months’ question: What do you listen to while stitching? (via Jo)  I have a mix of things. Easy, non-thinking TV or movies (my darling brought me a case which is fixed to my lap stand, so I can mount my phone in the perfect spot when streaming), podcasts or even the radio. I don’t often listen to audio books unless it’s something I’ve read, like Harry Potter, Roald Dahl or Winnie the Pooh (I often have company while stitching).

Podcasts include (I use Podcast Addict, an android app that takes from iTunes and RSS feeds, and can include video subscriptions):

  • Around the Table
  • Elise Gets Crafty
  • Hope*Writers (I liked the earlier variant of this podcast, it remains to be seen if I continue to subscribe)
  • No Such Thing as a Fish (the QI researchers, funny but not suitable for under 13’s)
  • Sorta Awesome
  • The Charged Life (a new rec, I haven’t started listening)
  • The Simple Show (freaking awesome)
  • What Should I Read Next (the modern mrs darcy out loud).

I also watch FlossTube (stitch vids on YouTube). Currently loving:

  • Ms OhSewCrafty
  • Carolyn Mazzeo
  • Eclectic Possesions
  • Donna Murray
  • Pyrex Stitcher
  • lindystitches (funny)
  • CoffeeStitcher
  • Stitching Mae
  • Teresa Little Stitcher
  • The Evergreen Needle
  • The Queen of Starts (hello Kate)
  • The Stash Queen (hello Katy)
  • and many, many more

What do you do? Do you have any podcast or Netflix recs for me?

6 thoughts on “April WIPocalypse

  1. I pay attention to the moon cycles too, and it’s so neat to watch as the seasons circle. Love all of your stitching and how much you always get accomplished!

    I don’t watch FlossTube but might have to give it a try.

  2. I listen to “Elise Gets Crafty,” too. I use Pocketcast as my podcast app. I also like “While She Naps” and “Raise Your Hand Say Yes.” I will have to check out some the other ones you mention…

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