April Smalls SAL

This SAL is a free choice SAL hosted by Heather over at Stitching Lotus. You can click on the button in my sidebar and it’ll take you there.

I didn’t have a Small for March & tho I said at the time this didn’t bother me, it turns out that it did. So I made sure that I had a finish for this month, even tho it meant I sat down for 2+ hours on Tuesday, watching end-to-end flosstube to get it done. I definitely didn’t like stitching on this dark fabric, so much so that last night I went and brought a new floor lamp. Yay for teenagers who like to assemble things! I’ll be able to work on Persephone while in the lounge with the rest of the fam this winter. Bonus.

This month’s Small is Plenty, by Hands On Design. Their Year in Chalk was really big last year (deservedly so, bang on trend & cute too) but this one is from the 2015 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments Issue. Yes, I changed it up a little. I do this a lot. The recommended fabric was 30ct gunmetal linen from Weeks Dye Works; I used a 26ct navy Elixar from my stash, and I omitted the top antler. IMO it looked weird with 3 antlers.

If you want to check out more by Cathy, she blogs HERE

Plenty – Hands On Design
Gentle Arts DMC
Sampler 0180 772
Simply Shaker 7052 304
Simply Shaker 7054 3865
Simply Shaker 7085 841

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