Monday, marvelous Monday

I am pretty happy this morning, even tho I am at work! I did no computer work over the weekend (yesterday’s post was via they Swype keyboard on my phone) and go into the week relatively pain-free. The steering wheel is causing a bit of grief & I don’t really like typing or mousework but ten minute bursts will be fine.

i managed 80-odd beads over the weekend. Slow progress, but it’s still progress. I went back & filled in the missing one after this photo.

Persephone as at 8th November

Persephone as at 8th November

Having that stand is awesome.

Also, the full Skid Row crew is at work today. I’ve already lol’d and just about spat my breakfast out at one point. Laughter really is the best. Claire’s version of the Lizzie*Kate best describes my workmates:


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