Last night was the Second Annual Tasker Bonfire, and like last year hosted by my FIL down at his Hobsonville farmlet.
Highlights: the boys (3 generations!) made a guy


And carried it down to the fire


Friends came over with their families. There were 9 kids from three 15 yo all the way down to Mase just kicking the balls around, making up stupid jokes and having a great time.

After dinner it was dark enough to light the fire.


Perspective proves it really was that high to start with! But it soon came down enough to make steve-style smores; toast/burn/obliterate your marshmallows, slap between two Griffins chocolate this and eat. Nom nom.
Apart from sparklers and some other fancy stuff,


no one was really interested in the fireworks. There was the noise from Whenuapai base but everyone was content to sit and be. And watch a neighbor release beautiful Chinese style lanterns.



It was a good good night.

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