WIP Wednesday, WIPocalypse with Winners

Hmmm – how was that for alliteration?!

Let’s start at the top. WIP Wednesday is post day this week- April’s piece is done and will be off in the post to Crafty Rahenna today. I chose Christmas Elegance and went thru HEAPS of beads.

April's piece - only Rahenna & Lenna to go and it looks gorgeous.

April’s piece – only Rahenna & Lenna to go and it looks gorgeous.

Christmas Elegance

Christmas Elegance

I’m not sure what I will pick up next – I have decided to frog Roses of Provence as I simply can’t cope with the uneveness of linen & so I’ll sell or swap that fabric. So there’s Persephone in progress or I have some 25ct Lugana for some Christmas ornaments & the bookmarks. That should give my eyes a rest – I was in hospital on Saturday hooked up to the good drugs for the migraine & while the optometrist says my prescription hasn’t changed enough to warrant a change of glasses I think I’ll get that double checked.

Then we’re up to WIPocalypse. This month’s question was around special threads and being scared to use. Mine would be Whisper – I hear it’s awful to stitch with. I haven’t even brought any, and chose to stitch the reindeer tails in B5200! Eventually I’ll get some and test but I can buy two packs of beads, six skeins of DMC or 1.5 rolls of Kreinik or a skein of Waterlillies for the same price, so right now I don’t think it’s all that important.

20151027_194535Last night I stopped at the top of Metcalfe and took the shot. Sorry this is with my cell but the moon was gorgeous. Mase said it looked like a cheese wheel, Z was slightly more poetic and said it looked like paper on fire.

And now we have winners! Thank you for the feedback. I am grateful.


1 Fawn https://stitchtherapyblog.wordpress.com/
2 eadouglas http://douglust.com/
3 Ginny https://mytimestitching.wordpress.com/

Yes – three winners! Fawn & Douglust will be sent the snippets, and Ginny, I hope you’ll love Travelling Bunny. He got returned to me recently after some time in the ether but I’ll send him on complete with some goodies and the rules. I think you’ll love him. I posted about him HERE

and for the bookmark? I’ll be making TWO. Congrats to

1 Jenna Austens
2 KerryCan Mysteries

please email me at paulainauckland(AT)gmail(DOT)com with your postal details!

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, WIPocalypse with Winners

  1. Oh wow! Thanks Paula! How exciting!
    Your Christmas Elegance looks amazing!!! That is going to be a gorgeous piece.

    Sorry to hear that you were in the hospital. 😦 Hope that you are on the mend. We were mesmerized by the moon last night too. It was huge!

  2. That is an amazing Round Robin!!! Can you please ask the owner if you can post it in the Round Robin Group on FB? Your Christmas Elegance looks so perfect on it! Very Regal. I think I have heard a little bit on the traveling bunny. I am looking forward to receiving him and hearing all about it. Thank you for sharing him with me. As for the Whisper thread…I must be a total odd ball, because I don’t mind stitching with it and the effect is wonderful. The key is stitch with short lengths. I love the fuzziness of it. I am a fiber junkie, so I don’t mind stitching with things that will give my piece a new look or give it dimension. I think you should give it a try. Maybe you will like it 🙂

  3. What a brilliant post, Paula! Thanks so much for this, so looking forward to receiving my bookmark – it’s one thing I’ve never actually cross stitched before! Jenna 🙂

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