Steptember Update – the writing on the wall

This has been a week of up and down – the lack of a walking partner & some work pressure on Thursday/Friday meant that I didn’t hit the target those days – but I made up for it on other days. Physically I feel really good – this morning I woke for the first time at 3, it’s now 8 & I’ve been up for over three hours but I don’t feel hungover like I normally would. Can’t wait until it is light enough to walk early – roll on daylight savings!

  • Tuesday – 14696 steps or 8.2k
  • Wednesday – 11676 steps or 6.6k
  • Thursday – 8655 steps or 4.3k
  • Friday – 6468 steps or 3K
  • Saturday – 11879 steps or 5.7k
  • Sunday – 14616 steps or 7.5k
  • Monday – 14264 steps or 8k

sculpture at the wharf

Sunday we went around the bomb point at Hobsonville Point development. When Si’s dad transferred to the RNZAF, this is where he was based. His writing is still on the wall! I also love the structure of the sculpture. Function and form.

looking back to the storehouses

looking back to the storehouses


front of a storehouse


Gordon’s writing on the wall

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