The things I learnt today

Hot air balloons have a registration number. Like planes.

Easter eggs come in far too many varieties and confuse little people.

I can be grateful yet scared when someone shows trust in me.

The tearing of the Curtain symbolises that there is no barrier between God and me.

To catch up: Mase had a follow up appt with Dr Jane. He’s improving but we will still need the dreaded yucky steroid syrup for the full five days. Cue a three ring circus in my kitchen.

On the way home we saw a hot air balloon in Westgate. We stopped to take a look; one of the people beckoned us over so we got a close up look. I was so fascinated I forgot to take shots. Looking up into the balloon is amazing. And it’s so hot and noisy close up!


Mase watching the balloon land

Mase also is the house Easter Bunny this year. Hope dad likes his licorice allsorts egg (blech).


Oh,  last thing I learnt?  Don’t trust the weather forecast at Easter. They always get it wrong. Sun? What sun?

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