Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday kind of crept up on me. Last year I quietly gave up chocolate and I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen this year. As Grumpy Cat says…

grumpy cat lent

I made the mistake of asking my FB friends what I should give up (big mistake. One suggested chocolate again, another suggested cross stitch!) and so this year I think I’ll go in an anti-Lent test.

I’m going to give up coffee and tea, and replace these with water.  I’m also going to take a photo every day of something I’m grateful for & give thanks to God for lending me these things.




Today’s is a bit shallow – the desktop iPod dock my boss gave me. I am grateful that I can hear good sounds during the day. And yes, I am hopelessly behind the times – that is one of the original 2005 30GB iPods that were the first to play video. It’s not broke, so I’m not replacing it & the collection on it is eclectic and all me.



Your regular WIP Wednesday post will come later tonight; I forgot to take a photo. Doh.


EDIT 25/2 – I decided to go “all out” and give up caffeine totally. No Coke either! Wah!

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