Secret – or not so secret – Santa

This was totally a success. My recipient is eating a pack of noodles as I type and is so happy 🙂 with both the joke and the gift.

I received this from Sarah P – love the poppies. It’s a DMC kit & I will swap out the aida for linen. #BK546


My boss is a bit of a jovial round sort of fellow. Hard to buy for, as if he wants it he’ll just pick it up. Equally wary at gift giving time is T, our head of Marketing. Usually she gets crayons and colouring books (regift alert!). But this year F’s very happy with his gift! While T’s is a variation on the theme…


and I just got a $50 Bendon Lingere gift card from a supplier. Clearly I didn’t work hard enough to p*ss them off this year! Or maybe I did? I’ll never know.

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