You Can Quote Me

Last Thursday we went to B’s school prizegiving. He has worked hard and was rewarded with nomination by all his core teachers for a Diligence award – a big thing given his grades were distinctly average before he was concussed; and he’s had (conservative estimate here) about a third of the remaining year off from school, had (too many to count) migranes and totally kept up with his school work and has multiple Merits and Excellences. He’s not top of the year in anything (oh-so-close in Social Sciences!) but I am very, very proud. He earnt a Kiwi’s jersey – as soon as it arrives I’ll share a photo of my young man.

One of the entertainment pieces was spine tingling. Soft piano and just the one voice – a young girl singing Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. Such beautiful words. My new fav song.

photograph sheeran

I’m posting this from work so I can’t add a YouTube link (stink) but please take the time to listen. It’s awesome.

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