WIP Wednesday

No stitching progress today. Yes, I’m sad about that too. The reality is that my wrist hurts so much that I am seriously considering the physio. Mouse opperation is ouch!!!

But planning for next year. Signed up now to the 2015 Smalls SAL (click the button on the sidebar) and Measi’s organising a WIPocalypse again (http://measi.net/measiblog/wipocalypse_main/2015_wipocalypse-basic-info-sign-up-page/) This is a huge effort so much appreciated. I brought stash while in Sydney – more Nora Corbett, quelle surprise – two pieces for Carol (my MIL) and the Party Cakes for Louise.

I also plan to complete at least two of the NC reindeer (they almost qualify as a small, given the size of my WIPs), Stargazer, and complete another chunk of Tapestry Cat. My smalls will most probably be Christmas ornaments; I’ll use the monthly check in to get some presents underway and finished! Bonus.

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