Same Same But Different; NaBloPoMo two

We have what is today conventionally a large family, four kids. No plans for more,  BTW, please no more God! But we brought a people mover years ago when we just had two kids, & all jokes aside,  it was one of the best things we ever had.

Friends of ours ended up with a PM for a South Island road trip years ago when Avis rented their booked Holden Commodore to someone else. Jonesy raved about it for ages. Children separate, no fighting,  plenty of room for stuff and nice to drive.

We got a Honda Odyssey. Seven seats, sun roof, all the bells and whistles that Japan could come up with in 1998. We drove all over the North Island. Twice around the clock. League games. Netball games. Kayak trips.  Two more children. Designated driver trips, listening to happy tales. All I missed was the Labrador.

But the gear box started to go last year. I avoided using it as much as I could, choosing to drive the Toy Car even when it had a leak. I tried to convince Si that we needed to replace it, but he holds onto cars for as long as he can. I was long past the love.

Then yay! Everything fell into place. And I have a new friend. And it’s an Odyssey. Again. But new shape. Again in white! But no sunroof. Or Labrador. That bit sucks.
Z and the Beast. Bye bye Beast.

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