Mondays are all about the (work) routine – NaBloPoMo three


I’m not my best on a Monday. Especially if one’s neighbours set off fireworks past eleven at night. $@%^%^^% So I rely on a routine, and a planner. Coffee, and chocolate. Chocolate is a better carrot for me than actual carrots, even given my ex would call me an ass. Monday means methodical. I usually record what I need to do in my work planner on Fridays as I can turn off work when I have a plan for the next day. My favourite planner is very simple and if you’re in NZ or AU is available through Office Max. Everywhere else it is available from the publisher or Amazon


0525: Alarm goes off. Roll over and DO NOT SNOOZE (I can allow myself to snooze later on in the week)

0600: leave house. Sometimes re-enter house if Z has forgotten something.

0630: first coffee at desk. Run sales reports; send F his extra report (my boss is currently travelling)

0700: Breakfast with the other early starters. Laugh until second coffee threatens to come out my nose. Kiss Z goodbye (he comes with me as he buses from my work to his school in central Auckland)

0715: run vendor’s weekly or fortnightly reports. Stitch or read while each report runs; email to appropriate vendor.

0900: weekly Sales meeting. Involves Category, Ops, DC, Marketing & Online peeps, and sometimes Call Centre and Store. Usually a bit of a laugh.

1000: start with the teas, have snack. Finish any outstanding vendor reports. Respond to any Monday vendor emails, also accounts. Then start responding to Store delivery issue emails.

1300: walk with Sarah DB to mall/library/circuit – the plan is to get out of the office!

1330: lunch. Usually leftovers, or Vita wheat with Puhoi basil feta and tomatoes, two things Simon can’t stand. On Friday it’s sushi for a treat. Work supplies fruit so that’s one less thing I have to remember.

1345: afternoons are a little more variety. More store issues, respond to new emails (I have a thing about clean email inbox).

1530 – 1600: Escape. Timeframe depends on which bus Z catches but I like to be on the motorway before 4. If I get on later I’m caught up in the factory finishes from Patiki and I hate rush hour traffic. I hate it more than getting up early. Another bonus has been the time each day with Z (although he is currently very annoyed that he has kitchen duties) and the books we are listening to. Right now it’s Chronicles of Nick by Sherrilyn Kenyon. He likes the action and I’ve liked this author’s adult series because of the mythological aspects. However it’s gone a bit stupid for me, like too many sequels often do so I stopped a while ago.

1730: prep dinner. M & B have swim lessons on Mondays at the Base pool so are knackered when they get home. Early dinner, early bed means less tantrums. Except from whomever is on kitchen or bathroom duties.

1930: all three are in bed, usually B & Z read to themselves and M has a story. Currently David Melling, Joy Cowley, Lynley Dodd or anything Cars. New favourite is reading Thomas/Rev W Awdry with dad.

2030 – 2130: crash.


2 thoughts on “Mondays are all about the (work) routine – NaBloPoMo three

  1. The link says it’s timed out :/ I’m always on the lookout for a decent planner! And I totally know what you mean about a neat inbox- the number of people at my work who don’t delete anything and have things like 200 odd unread emails *shudders*

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