Bashing & Crashing

I spent most of today up at the Scenic Drive house. Starting to fall in love with some parts of it.


The view from the study book w

This. Oak tree in the pot,  waterfall in the ponds behind. I love the sound water can make. Thinking the previous owners a little insane for putting such a large tree into a pot but it looks pretty. Oversize bonsai? Must Google that.

I started on most of the removal projects today but got hussled by K and the FIL (Si was out shopping,  he’d be happy if the next job was with Bunnings). I was really looking forward to more bash.


This unit is gone,  as is the pointless bookshelf that was on the other side of the window. Barely wide enough for cd’s let alone books.  Pissed the cat off a bit, movrf down to the study.


This was ugly. Gone now!



Looking up. Always looking up.

Also have a bit of bike envy. She brought back a mountain bike that I think I’ll grab once she is done – the idiot was only fractionally taller than me so should be OK. Or buy myself one with my bonus next year.


Tomorrow planning a long,  quiet walk. Think I need some space!

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