new month, new journal prompts

So, let’s start with just a single word for today’s prompt. It is open to a number of interpretations – and that’s the best sort of word 😉


Yesterday’s word was: DATE and as Myfanwy says, it raises a lot of images/thoughts.

  • fruit that I absolutely HATE. Gutted the other night to open the chocolate chip container and find a packet of these things inside. My eldest can be mean sometimes.
  • the calendar ticking over and over, speeding up as we head into summer then Christmas. I wanted to slow down & enjoy these first few days of long summer-ish nights but that isn’t happening for me.
  • what I cancelled the other night when I realised that the movie I wanted to see didn’t debut until the next day. So seeing Gone Girl next week; I made special dinner instead.

I am probably more likely to journal here than make this into an art journal as per the hints but a little writing is better than none!

Yesterday was also the first visit from the clinical therapist for B & his concussion. Gave light to a few things and I’m happy that we are getting some answers. I did make him walk and walk last night and I have no idea if he wandered last night as I slept thru! The night before was a bad one; he was unsettled and I lost count at 15 times. I will try to get him a Polar Loop like mine as then we can monitor his sleep & activity a lot easier.

One thought on “new month, new journal prompts

  1. Yes, the days are speeding by, and it will be Christmas before we know it. Sorry you are having such bad nights. It’s hard to get through the day after lots of disturbance.

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