more journalling

so behind! Some prompts aren’t popping up with a lot of inspiration, or life is just taking over. I’m going to roll with it – some journalling is better than none.

Prompt 9: Jack Buchanan said that ‘everything stops for tea‘. Morning, noon or night – which beverage will make you ‘stop’ and say ‘Ahhhh! That’s better!’?

garfield coffee

This is me in the morning. I NEED at least two cups of coffee (or a V) to get going but I try not to have anything with caffeine post noon. I won’t sleep, or I’ll be very restless. This morning I woke with awful dreams (that we had been invaded, and B was conscripted, and the family separated) and I’ll blame that on the afternoon Pepsi.

Lunch – water.

Evening – depends on what is around. The other night it was obviously the vino (I’m buying that one again, no hangover!) & I’ve recently discovered Endeavour ginger ale – very dry. Stupid label placement tho. It tells a story (about the first sighting of land by the cabin boy) in two panels, one either side of the title, which would work on the flat but once the wrapper is on the bottle, you read the second half of the story before the first. #fail

Yesterday and this morning I’ve fed Emma’s three cats while she and her hubby are down at the Mountain. Even Gary, her older boy, is all smooch this visit. It’s nice to hear the purrs.

2 thoughts on “more journalling

  1. I limit my coffee intake too. Didn’t sleep last night and have no idea why, but it gave me time to doodle in my Graffitti journal (that’s not the one I’m using for the prompts). As for your post – well – I think you will find that you are well prepared for one of the prompts later this week…… Sshhh, don’t tell anyone……. 😉

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